All about hiking

Why are there so conflicting opinions about hiking?

We all heard about hiking. We saw people who go camping (well, at least from afar, at the station). And maybe they even looked at pictures of hiking. But only a few of us decided to go hiking ourselves. And not everyone could like the hike the first time.

Hiking close-up.
There may be several reasons for this. Perhaps this is a mismatch between the objectives of the campaign for different participants. Maybe the unsuccessful organization of the campaign or the poor preparation of one of the members of the group. Or uncomplicated relationships within the team during the campaign ... The reasons may be different, but this page is not to analyze them.

The taste of hiking.
It was created to tell you - hiking can be absolutely wonderful, excellent, which charge people with optimism and open new horizons for them in leisure.

This is my personal experience, based on the organization of more than two dozen hiking trips for completely unprepared and previously unfamiliar people. The experience is positive and I want to share with you its essence, which consists in the following several suggestions:

The success of a hike depends entirely on its proper organization and on the common goals of all participants.

So what exactly is hiking?

A group of people move from p. A to p. B on a pre-planned route. Unattractive at first glance. But only at first. Because that’s not all.

Hiking is a contact with the incredible beauty of the wild.
A hike is an immersion in the beauty, purity and silence of natural nature (that which we are deprived of in the city).
A hike is the romance of bonfires and the splendor of sunsets.
Campaign is an opportunity for personal growth.
Campaign is an unforgettable experience and new friends ...

In the end, it is such a form of relaxation, every moment of which is saturated with emotions and a sense of life. Every moment of a hiking trip is lived by its participant as consciously as possible.

Hiking is a type of sports tourism. The main goal is the group to walk on foot over rough terrain.

Touring all-around is the most popular type of sports hiking in Russia not only among adults, but also among children. It includes overcoming obstacles using acquired skills in both artificial and natural terrain.

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